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Promoting exchanges and mutual learning among world civilizations -- a special report by Wuang Guangquan, a representative Chinese artist


If culture prospers, the country prospers, and if culture is strong, the nation is strong. Contemporary China has magnificent rivers and mountains, heroic people and great prospects. The era has provided an unprecedented broad stage for the prosperity and development of China's literature and art. To promote the prosperity and development of socialist literature and art and build a socialist cultural power, the majority of literary and art workers are duty bound, shoulder the important task and make great achievements.


The majority of literary and artistic workers should enhance their cultural consciousness, strengthen their cultural self-confidence, actively participate in the construction of a socialist cultural power with a strong historical initiative, adhere to the direction of serving the people and socialism, adhere to the policy of letting a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools of thought contend, adhere to creative transformation and innovative development, focus on holding the banner, gathering the hearts of the people, educating new people, rejuvenating culture The mission and task of image exhibition is to show new responsibilities in Bacon's soul casting, achieve new achievements in integrity and innovation, radiate a new style in Mingde self-cultivation, display the new atmosphere of Chinese literature and art with the cultural 




Wang Guangquan: The character source is far away, and the pen name is Runchun. The head of Bieshu Aihuai Hall is from Sanhe, a millennium old water town in Feixi County, Anhui Province, China. He is a member of the Communist Party of China and graduated from Wuxi Calligraphy and Art College.

He is currently the Vice Chairman, Honorary Chairman, and Executive Vice Chairman of the Chinese Academy of Chinese Studies, the Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Masters Research Association, the Hanmo Huaxia (Beijing) Calligraphy and Painting Academy, the Chinese Modern Literature and Art Society, and more than 20 art groups. In June 2020, he was appointed as a special art consultant for the Economic magazine. Awarded as a first-class artist, a model of contemporary art, one of the top ten outstanding representatives of national culture, one of the top ten masters of traditional Chinese culture, one of the top ten artists of great love, one of the outstanding patriotic and public welfare figures, one of China's leading literary and artistic figures, one of China's most promising artists in the market, one of the top ten legendary masters and classic creators of the Republic, one of the top ten national literary and artistic masters, one of the top ten perfect artists, one of the top national art masters, and one of the great masters of inheriting national essence, Eight great masters of Chinese calligraphy, including cursive script, regular script, seal script, imperial script, running script, and Wei script, and the world's highest art palace award. I became acquainted with Mo from a young age, and after graduating from a vocational school, I was sent to rural areas for two and a half years. Later, I taught in rural primary and secondary schools for 16 years. In my spare time, I devoted myself wholeheartedly to studying calligraphy and drew rich calligraphy nutrition and inspiration from practice and theory. After 1992, the works were exhibited at the China Art Museum, Military Museum, and Shanghai Art Museum in Beijing, and have been widely circulated and collected by some art groups both domestically and internationally. Biographies and representative works have been included in the "Awakening Words of the Prosperous Era of China", "Great Classic of Chinese and Foreign Mottoes", "Refined Quotations of Famous Chinese and Foreign Experts from Ancient and Modern Times", "Forever Collection of Lei Feng's Calligraphy and Paintings", "History Will Remember the Excellent Collection of Patriotic Meritorious Artists from 2020 to 2021", "Centennial Art · Collection of Inheritance", "List of Contemporary Chinese Celebrities", "21st Century Figures", "International Figures Dictionary", "Famous Chinese Scholars", "Entering Famous Chinese Scholars" There are several classic works such as "Top of Chinese Heritage Art", "Art for the People", and "Patriotic Meritorious Artist Ceremony".