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He is a very ordinary man, but with an extraordinary temperament, which comes from his rich art Cell, from the perception of life, from a grateful heart; the art he studied Is a very ordinary folk paper cut, but his paper cut is extraordinary, in his hand paper contains With the joys and sorrows, love and hate, life. Approaching him, you feel a kind of kindness, A pleasure, an artistic exudes, magnetic beauty. That's what I'm getting Magnetic attracted and walked to his art space, he is the famous paper-cutting artist Hong Zibiao teach award.


Recently he will publish a book of Hong Zhibiao Paper-cut, which is a classic in his life Product, with his painstaking efforts, this success and failure, happiness and sadness cast into the contemporary ability Call them the most paper-cut works include them, he gave me the preface, let me feel a great responsibility, And feel the infinite glory and duty-bound.

剪纸俗称剪窗花,这是再普通不过的手工活,中国人在孩童时可以说是谁都剪过,但这是中华民族传统文化的瑰宝 ,是中国民间民俗文化和地域文化所表现的历史文化,洪志标教授将这种民俗文化作为一生的研究课题进行探索,从民间剪纸这个切口进入无限广阔的艺术殿堂。

Paper cut is commonly known as window cutting, this is a common hand work, Chinese when a child To say who has cut, but this is the traditional treasure of the Chinese culture, is the Chinese people Professor Hong Zhibiao makes this kind of folk culture expressed by vulgar culture and regional culture For a lifetime of research topics to explore, from the folk paper-cut this incision into the infinite vast art Art hall.


 1961 年福建师范大学艺术系毕业后,他先后在安溪县和厦门市从事艺术教育工作 60 年,是中学高级教师和大学美术教授。他的国画、素描、水粉画、书法、篆刻和肖像速写都有很深的造诣和底蕴,曾多次荣获美术大奖。他的书法和篆刻曾勒石于中国翰园碑林、陜西太白山崖石刻、西藏珠峰碑林等地。他发起而成功组建了由时任中国书法家协会主席沈鹏题写碑名、副主席王学仲教授任组建会主任的“安溪凤山碑林”为安溪历史留下一座丰富的文化艺术宝库。然而这位骨子里富有创新,创造性格的人放下了画笔,拿起剪刀,以剪代笔,另辟蹊径,把高雅的美术艺术和民间艺术相结合,将美术艺术推动这民间窗花的发展,把中华民族优秀传统文化中的剪纸加以提高和升华, 推进了高雅的艺术境界。他也成为中国剪纸艺术非遗的传承人。

After graduating from the Art Department of Fujian Normal University in 1961, he worked in Anxi County and Xiamen City successively He has been engaged in art education for 60 years, and he is a senior middle school teacher and a university art professor. His country Painting, drawing, gouache, calligraphy, seal cutting and portrait sketch all have deep attainments and heritage, He has won many art awards. His calligraphy and seal cutting had le stone in the Chinese Hanyuan Forest, west Taibai Mountain cliff stone carvings, Tibet Qomolangma forest of steles and other places. He launched and successfully formed by the then-China Shen Peng, chairman of the Calligraphers Association, inscribed the name of the tablet, and professor Wang Xuezhong served as the director of the association "Anxi Fengshan Steles" left a rich culture and art treasure house for the history of Anxi. However, this An innovative, creative man put down the brush, picked up the scissors, Another way to combine elegant art and folk art, art art to promote this The development of folk window flower has improved and sublimated the paper cutting in the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, and promoted the elegant artistic realm.He has also become the inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage of Chinese paper-cut art.

创新是天赋和勤奋的结合体,美术本来就是一项创新艺术,将美术的手法上创新是必须要有胆识和艰苦的历练,要经得起无数失败的考验,多少人在前人没有走过的路望而却步,多少人在艺术的高峰攀登的路上退了下来,而洪志标教授坚毅地坚守,坚持,直至成功。他为人画过上万张素描,为几万个人写过速写,用了二十多万张宣纸,8 千多只画笔,200 多把剪刀,练就了在纸上耍弄的绝技,如今他一分钟就能勾勒出一个人的轮廓,两分钟就能剪出一个人形,而且惟妙惟肖。他是一位用剪刀克隆人物形象的大师,这种克隆人物形象的手法,让你完全颠覆了对剪纸艺术的认知。

Innovation is a combination of talent and diligence, art is an innovative art, will beautiful The technique of innovation is to be must have courage and hard experience, to withstand countless failures The test, how many people in the predecessors have not walked through the road, how many people in the peak of art climbing On the way down, and Professor Hong Zhibiao firmly stick to, insist, until success.he He has made tens of thousands of sketches, written sketches for tens of thousands of people, used more than two hundred thousand pieces of rice paper, More than 8 thousand brushes, more than 200 scissors, practiced the stunt on the paper, now he a Ten minutes can outline a person, two minutes to cut a human form, and lifelike But shaw. He is a master of cloning figures with scissors, the hand of cloning characters Law, let you completely subvert the cognition of paper-cutting art.

看了他的作品不禁让人震撼,他获奖的次数之多,奖项的档次之高都令人敬佩不已。他告诉我,剪纸和画画不同,画错了可以修改,而剪纸一刀剪下去再也回不来,一副大型作品要剪上万刀,越剪心理压力越大,特别是剪到最后,万一有一刀剪错将前功尽弃,所以他必须是谨慎再谨慎。在创作期间,必须是精力特别集中,不能有半点分心,必须在心情好的时候动剪,有一点烦心事或外界干扰都一律禁剪,当心情愉悦,灵感来临时,他会放下任何事,甚至是最重要的应酬,即刻奔赴创作室。那时候他会全神贯注,尽情发挥,一丝不苟,废寝忘食,全身心地投入到创作中去,他创作的《绚丽年华 成就辉煌》看似简单,但心血花得不比复杂图案的少,足足创作了半个多月,功夫不负有心人,这作品又获得了中国教育学会一等奖《众志成城 战疫必胜 愿普天下人民健康平安》作品参加“大爱无疆”北京、渭南抗击疫情剪纸精品展和巡回展,被选作展会宣传广告,荣获金奖并入编《“大爱无疆”全国抗疫剪纸精品集》、《抗击疫情中国剪纸精品集》等。他的领袖系列,名人系列的剪纸没有一个人不为之赞叹,很多艺术家还赞为观之。建党 100 周年时,中国美术家协会、中国书法家协会、中国文化艺术人才管理中心、中国人民书画艺术研究院等 5 个单位授予洪志标教授为“德艺双馨人民艺术家”荣誉称号。

Watching his works can not help but shock people, his number of awards, the level of awards The Gao Du is admirable. He told me that paper-cutting is different from painting, and that the wrong painting can be modified, And paper cut cut down can never come back, a large work to cut thousands of knives, more cut psychology The greater the pressure, especially to the end of the cut, if a wrong cut will abandon all the work, so he will Must be cautious and again cautious. During the period of creation, the energy must be particularly focused, not enough for anything Heart, must be in a good mood when moving cutting, a little trouble or external interference will all ban cut, When happy, when inspiration comes, he drops anything, even the most important entertainment, Go to the studio immediately. At that time, he would concentrate, play, meticulous and sleep Forget to eat, devoted to the creation, his creation of "brilliant time achievement brilliant" Seemingly simple, but the effort is not less than the complex pattern, fully created more than half a month, work This work also won the first prize of the Chinese Society of Education ". Unite as one The epidemic will win the health and safety of the world people "works to participate in the" great love without boundaries " Beijing, Weinan to fight against the epidemic paper-cut boutique exhibition and tour exhibition, was selected as the exhibition advertising, glory Won the gold medal into the compilation of "Great Love without boundaries" national anti-epidemic paper-cut fine collection "," Fight Epidemic Chinese paper-cut fine collection " and so on. His Leader Series, Celebrity Series CliCut No There is one person who is not praised, and many artists also praised it. The 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party At the time, the Chinese Artists Association, the Chinese Calligraphers Association, the Chinese culture and art talent management Science center, the Chinese People's Painting and Calligraphy Art Research Institute and other 5 units awarded Professor Hong Zhibiao For the honorary title of "People's artist".



Life is short, when young energy without precipitation, when there is precipitation but energy is limited, I had a long talk with Professor Hong, though he was over eighty years old, and he was still young, with a quick man; he was rich Rich experience, and full of energy, this is what ordinary people desire, this is his success now Where, he is full of spirit condensed into a creative power, the decades of precipitation down Art and paper-cut unique skills urge hair into fine art.

《洪志标剪纸艺术》的每幅作品都是艺术和情感的组合,艺术是他创作的技巧,情感是他创作的引擎,他以爱的力量催发他的创作灵感。洪教授生于 1939 年,他经历了抗日战争,解放战争,社会主义革命和改革开放,他见证了中国人民从站起来到富起来到强起来,他对中国共产党有着深厚的感情,在他剪出来的人物肖像感情丰富,激情满怀,伟人们栩栩如生,仿佛音容笑貌就在眼前,那幅毛泽东主席在天安门城楼上宣布中华民国共和国成立的剪纸,场景之宏伟,人物精神之饱满,迸发出一种势不可挡的气场,如同在中国人民心中树立起一块共和国大厦的基石;《发展是硬道理》剪纸中的邓小平神形居然是那么逼真。那天他被习近平的一次讲话所感动,情感召使,灵感所驱,拿起剪刀刷刷刷剪了起来,一幅《蔼然可亲》作品跃然纸上,这时他按捺不住对习近平主席的的热爱,突发奇想,直奔邮局,他要把这幅作品寄给习近平主席,感动了邮局的工作人员,为他纠正了中南海的地址,不久他收到了中央办公厅的通知,鼓励他继续创作,他的作品成为中央领导送给国际友人的国礼。

Every work of Hong Zhibiao Paper-part Art is a combination of art and emotion. Art is His creative skills, emotion is the engine of his creation, and he urges his creative spirit with love feel. Professor Hong was born in 1939. He experienced the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, the War of Liberation, and socialism In revolution, reform and opening up, he witnessed the Chinese people from standing up to rich to strong Has a deep feelings for the Communist Party of China, he cut out the character portrait rich feelings, exciting Full of emotion, great people lifelike, as if the voice and appearance in front of the picture of Chairman MAO Zedong A paper cut announcing the founding of the Republic of the Republic of China on the Tiananmen Rostrum, the magnificent scene, the characters The full spirit, burst out an unstoppable aura, as in the hearts of the Chinese people From the cornerstone of the Republic building; Deng Xiaoping Godhouse in the paper cut Development is the Hard Truth But it was so realistic. That day, he was moved by a single speech delivered by Xi Jinping, emotionally summoned and inspired Drive, picked up the scissors brush brush brush cut up, a "amiable" work appeared on the paper, At this time, he could not restrain his love for President Xi Jinping, on a whim, went straight to the post office, he wanted Sending the work to President Xi Jinping moved the post office staff and corrected him Nanhai address, soon he received a notice from the General Office of the Central Committee, encouraging him to continue writing, he His works became a national gift given to international friends by the central leaders.


He developed a pair of eagle-like eyes to look into how things change and capture people in portraits Of every characteristic and detail of his rich and quick thought accurately through a pair of dexterous hands Pass to the nib and scissors, the proportion of the character outline is accurate, the person's various character characteristics hook Le out, a flexible character immediately appeared on the paper; he has a childlike innocence, Everything in the world he felt fresh and curious, and then with relish to dig deep, explore, this It was his life. Even more amiable is his love, he is tireless to care for others, The idea of helping others, never benefiting others, is deeply rooted, so it belongs to artists Center, with his fans spread around the world. In people's mind, his character and works are consistent It is appreciated. How high the character, the level of the works is how high, the Central Academy of Fine Arts doctoral director Professor Chen Changzhi saw his painting and calligraphy exhibition and sighed: " Professor Hong Zhibiao's paper-cutting art It is the most beautiful paper-cut I have ever seen. He is a world-class master of art."Professor Chen Changzhi But the top master, he said, never comment, he taught Hong Zhibiao this The high evaluation is rare; Zhang Shuxian Professor Ren Hong Zhibiao's series of paper-cut works is " both shape and spirit, lifelike, can be called A unique, " the paper cutting professional committee director is also proficient in paper cutting, has seen the world, he Said "one unique" weight is not general; the Chinese artists Association party secretary Xu Li called it " clever Cui En, president of the United Nations Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Foundation, was praised as "a wonderful hand" God taste ", no matter how they are not too much evaluation, are worthy of the name.



Hong Zhibiao Paper-cutting is a selection of thousands of classic works over the years Come, it can be called the most of the Chinese paper-cutting art, each of his works have different characteristics, near Look and far look different, look and long see is not the same, his works for a long time, more see more interesting, will see dynamic, emotion and aesthetic feeling, and let you look unforgettable, like the brand, Will always hide in your memory. When you enjoy "Hong Zhibiao Paper Cutting Art", you can fall in love with art, Fall in love with paper cutting.

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Hong Zhibiao, Fengshan guest. Born in 1939 in Hongshan, Nanan Wharf, Fujian. He studied in Guoguang Middle School, a famous overseas Chinese school. He graduated from the Department of Art of Fujian normal University in 1961 and settled in Xiamen in 1999. In Anxi County and Xiamen City in high schools and universities for 60 years, Taoli Manyuan, for senior teachers, art professors. Has been the Ministry of Education, China Institute of Education and other units many times. For the Chinese famous calligraphy and painting, China's famous paper-cut heritage. He has painted more than 10,000 people at home and abroad portrait sketch, known as "portrait sketch master ."


He is a member of the Chinese Association of Old Professors, the Fujian Branch of the Chinese Artists Association, the Chinese Society of couplets, the Society of Poetry, the Society of Popular Science Writers, the Society of Education, etc. Xiamen Juxian Academy of calligraphy and painting, Honglu Academy of calligraphy and painting, Ying Cui Academy of calligraphy and painting, Liu Guitang Academy of calligraphy and painting and other consultants, the Royal Academy of Art, Russian Academy of Art and other honorary academicians, the Western Royal Academy of Fine Arts of France doctorate in art, the University of Alberta, Canada honorary doctorate degree.